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Celebrating Women-Owned Bars in Puerto Rico

James Minier - 3/6/2024


Image source: IG @tetas_bykarlaz

Among the abundance of bar establishments dotting the island, there are several noteworthy bars that stand out for being owned and/or operated by women. In celebration of International Women's Month, it's important to highlight these establishments, where women are not just serving drinks but are also shaping vibrant spaces of community, warmth, and empowerment. Let's take a closer look at five remarkable women-owned bars across Puerto Rico.

1. La Sombrilla Rosa (Viejo San Juan)

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Nestled in the heart of Viejo San Juan, La Sombrilla Rosa is a beloved establishment known for its energetic atmosphere, strong sense of community and a safe welcoming space for the LGBTQ community. Rosa, the owner, is a familiar face in the neighborhood, known for her hard work and dedication. Patrons flock to La Sombrilla Rosa not only for its drinks but also for the warm and welcoming ambiance that Rosa and her team cultivate.

2. Nellylandia (Santurce)

Image source: ig: @nelly_landia

In Santurce, Nellylandia reigns supreme as a beloved chinchorro where people from all walks of life come together. Owned and operated by Nelly and her daughters, Nelly can easily be referred to as "our Toñitas back at home”. At Nellylandia, you can enjoy a game of pool, dance to salsa and bachata, probably get served a plate of homemade food and soak up the barrio atmosphere.

3. Mi Balcón Tropical (Aguadilla)

Image source: IG @mibalcontropical

For a taste of west side living, head to Mi Balcón Tropical in Aguadilla. This eclectic dive bar captures the essence of beach vibes and laid-back living. With a live DJ spinning vinyl records, pool table, arcade games, and a selection of cocktails and cold beer, Mi Balcón Tropical offers a unique and memorable experience. The feisty attitude and tough love of the staff only add to the charm of this beloved establishment. Ask for Jazz, the owner, she's always around.

4. Teta's (Cayey)

Image source: IG @tetas_bykarlaz

Teta's is not your typical restaurant. Karla describes Teta's as a place where "delicious dishes are prepared on the spot with love." Supporting local agriculture and avoiding a fixed menu, Teta's offers a welcoming ‘campo’ culinary experience. Whether you're relaxing indoors or enjoying the fresh Cayey air in the outdoor space, Teta's welcomes guests with warmth and hospitality.

5. ConVIDA (Caguas)

Image source: IG @convidapr

Inspired by the glamour of the 1960s, ConVIDA in Caguas is a women-owned gin lounge that transports guests back in time. With its retro-chic decor and carefully curated selection of gins, Jess and family offer an elegant atmosphere. Whether you're sipping on a classic cocktail or trying one of their signature creations, ConVIDA invites guests to indulge in conversation and disconnect from the outside world. 

From the lively streets of San Juan to the tranquil shores of Aguadilla, these women-owned bars in Puerto Rico are reflections of the vibrant spirit and entrepreneurial drive of their owners. They are more than just places to grab a drink – they are pillars of community, creativity, and empowerment. Whether you're a local looking for a familiar spot or a visitor eager to experience the island's unique hospitality, be sure to raise a glass at one of these establishments and toast to the power of women in the bar industry.

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